How to turn on Swype text input on Samsung Galaxy S III

Swype is a text input method that helps speed up the texting process. It allows you to slide your fingers across the keyboard instead of tapping each individual letter. If you’re looking for a faster way to send texts or emails, you will want to turn on Swype on your Samsung Galaxy S III.

The Galaxy S III has a version of the Swype text input method included in their settings. Switching over should be a piece of cake!

1. Press Menu -> Settings -> Language and Input
2. Under the second cateogry “Keyboards and input methods” – choose the “Samsung keyboard” option
3. You need the “Continuous input” option here, which is grayed out by default, not the “Keyboard swipe” option, so you have to turn on the “Predicitve text” slider first
4. Check the “Continuous input” option

I hope this helps!

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