How to remove preinstalled apps on Galaxy s III

If you are not new to Android, have you ever experience problems with the pre-installed apps on your Android phone?

Preload apps are also known as “bloatware”. Many Android devices were shipped with bloatware on it and some of these apps are annoying.

If you want to remove/delete them, you must root your device and then remove the pre-installed apps with 3rd party tool apps. I would recommend not rooting your Galaxy S III. You are lucky that your Galaxy 3 comes with Android 4.0 OS.

The Android 4.0 OS comes with new features that allow you to disable the bloatware/pre-installed apps on your device. For those of you that worry about battery life and are annoyed with the pre-installed apps, you can now stop/disable the background running apps that are pre-installed.

Here are the steps to follow:

Go to Settings section
Select Application settings
Select the tab for All the applications
Select the application that you want to disable.
Click on Disable.
Confirm the disabling by clicking OK

If you have disabled the wrong apps, you are able to go through the same steps to enable them again.

If you want to remove/delete pre-installed apps on your Galaxy S III, you must first root it. We will discuss later with details on how to root the Galaxy S III and how to remove bloatware on Galaxy S III.

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