How to enable silent mode on Samsung Galaxy S3

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S3, you may be wondering how to enable silent mode easily and quickly. There are times that it needs to be quickly if you are at work or at a movie theater, for instance. Silent mode makes sure your phone is silenced so that no phone calls or messages interrupt others.

I have found three ways that will put your Samsung Galaxy S3 in silent mode. Any of these quick and easy steps will ensure that Silent Mode is enabled.

1. Press and hold the Power button until a menu appears. Select Silent mode.

2. From any home screen, drag the notification bar down. Select Sound. Check Silent mode to enable it or uncheck it to disable it.

3. From the phone dialpad, press and hold the pound key (#) to enable Silent Mode.

All three ways are effective in silencing your Galaxy S3. I hope this helps!

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