How to add or delete apps from home screen on Galaxy S III

Have you just bought the Galaxy S III and wondered how you can add or delete apps on the home screen?

The home screen on Android phones are very customizable. You can add/delete items at any time. If you would like a shortcut to any of your apps, it’s easy to add them in a few quick steps.

This is a quicker way to access your favorite applications without having to go into your App Drawer every single time.

The following steps are easy to follow and can be done as often as needed.

To add an application shortcut:

Open the Application list and select Widgets to open the Widget panel.

Tap and hold any shortcut and release it on the Home screen.

If you do not see an application on this list, you may also go into the Application list and look for the application you wish to add to the Home screen. Simply tap and hold the application and then place it where you wish on the Home screen.

To delete or remove an item:

Tap and hold any item.

Drag it towards the bottom to the rubbish bin.

You are also able to move applications and widgets on the home screen to different areas or different screens. Simply tap and hold down the item and drag it to the desired location.

This is a simple guide on Galaxy S III for those who are new to android. I hope this helps!

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